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Up until now, human evolution sustained itself by reacting to environmental forces as circumstances unavoidably presented themselves. A quick review of our current evolutionary challenges unavoidably indicates we're in a thicket almost entirely human caused in nature. What's more, the kind of understandings, thinking, and paradigms that got us stuck in the current situation are intrinsically incapable of setting us free.

Nothing new in that scenario. For at least a century great minds predicted we'd get stuck on flypaper of our own making. Many of them proposed various ways out of the trap, and most understood nothing less than an evolutionary quantum leap in explicit conscious awareness is called for - one resulting in vision, understanding, thinking and models very different from what's gotten us in the sticky mess. So different, in fact, to be describable as a next step in human evolution. A mutation, in fact. 

Trans-Evolutionary Fitness emerged as a phrase due to inspiration from Jonas Salk, MD, noting up until now biological evolution has brought us to where we abide; however, Salk noted that we've reached the point to move into 'meta-biological' evolution. Biological evolution is rather like the X-Men and other Super Heros: they've achieved breakthroughs in human development in spite of themselves. Exposure to radiation, spider bites, myriad sorts of environmental perturbations,  triggered their mutations. The task of transformation from accidental mutant to X-Man required mentoring by Professor X, by all indications a modern Renaissance man of polymath learning and understanding. Times impose challenges, while a mentor bearing all the gifts and graces of wisdom gives birth to enduring character - a new human.

Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio emerged from the Super Human Radio Network. We're here to catalyze and contribute to a Renaissance of Super Humans: simply put, the next graceful quantum leap in human evolution. That's a Renaissance of culture, not a political revolution - just to make sure!

We creatures of habit are prone to taking things for granted. Here's a for instance. American news has been taken over by reports on something called 'health care'. Translated to English that means 'medical insurance'. For the best part of twenty years experts in various medical and biological sciences have been reporting what should be alarming news: WE'RE IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC OF CHRONIC DEGEGENERATIVE DISEASES, AND IT JUST KEEPS GROWING WORSE. The human population grows sicker, lapsing into slow death due to multiple degeneration conditions - And nothing's being done to combat it. Our medicine thrives on pathology, morbidity and mortality.

I grew up as a Physical Culturist. Trans-Evolutionary Fitness is an Evolutionary Physical Culturist orientation except for one thing. The mind-body connection. We're now Physical and Mind Culture - or, simply put, LIFE CULTURE. We eat well, move and train, cultivate healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. We don't practice prevention because we're Co-Evolutonaries - we practice healthy evolutionary genetic expression. Normal folks who eat junk food, are sedentary, and let anything in their minds need prevention to attempt warding off the harm they do themselves.

TEFR (Trans-Evolutionary Fitness Radio) does one interview program each week. They're all found here, the five most recent on the front page, previous ones on the Archive page. Watch for news of forth coming guests. We stress interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary rather than reductionism. We're here to help Authorize the Impossible for next evolutionary development of the otherwise dormant human potential.

Most significantly, become involved as a Co-Evolutionary. Your ideas and insights are welcomed and solicited. A goal of this program lies with a community of Co-Evolutionaries. We're here to stimulate your growth. 


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