November 2017 programs

Ken Kinakin, DC  S.W.I.S.

Canadian powerlifter and chiropractic doctor Ken Kinakin' SWIS organization  -  Society of Weightlifting Injury Specialists --- counts as sort of 'invisible college' in its own right. Far more than rehabilitation from injury specialists, Dr Kinakin brings together a rich crew of scientists, researchers, clinicians, world class lifters, and coaches resulting in the very sort of synergy and transdisciplinary that would restore credibility and dignity to orthodox medicine! Prepair for journey into new places your intuition has longed for. November 14

Brooks Kubic Master Physical Culturist

Master Physical Culturist, author and novelist Brooks Kubic joins us discussing naturalistic oriented classic physical culture versus a contemporary fitness industry burdening inspiration and progress. Our discussion brings to attention the living passion of traditional physical culture with emphasis on it being part of everyday life and in your home.

November 28



December 2017 Programs

Angela Atkins  Your Health Unbound

Angela Atkins use of interent facilitates grassroots educational mentoring to Unbound individual to the freedom of fitness. Angla's area of specialization is with those past 40 making the transition to focused healthy living while seeking to avoid medical care for degenerative conditions.

December 5

Barry Robbins    Sports, Energy and Consciousness

Barry Robbins leads the Sports, Energy and Consciousness movement gaining inspiration from the visionary works of Michael Murpy. Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom was the first ever book linking sport performance with consciousness (1972), spawning an ever growing movement since; his 1992 800 page masterpiece, The Future of the Body, remains a synoptic overview of all known body-mind interaction resulting in greater, fuller experssion of our dormant human potential.

SEC (Sports, Energy & Consciousness) under Barry's leadership brings together world class athletes, coaches and mentors of all sort sharing in common leading edge research and application of the art and science of consciousness to peak performance, championship action, and almost evolutionary mutant like embodied expression of fuller, innately natural phenotypes.

With Barry's aid we'll be fulfilling the TEF Radio mission bringing SEC participants to this podcast, to the grassroots.

December 12

Bill Hinbern   Master Physical Culturist

 Join a round table chat with consumate master of the legends and lore of Physical Culture, Bill Hinbern, as we plummet the wisdom heritage of physical culture envisioning grassroots applcations bring healthy reshaping to younger American lives.   

December 19


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